Japan 2006

In October 2006 I had opportunity to spent three weeks in Japan. How was it, what did I see there and how did I see all of that through camera viewfinder is what is this web about.

Because of it's popularity in Czech I decided to present it in English. I hope that you will enjoy it despite of its maybe unusual form which expresses my personal experience and point of view. Bear in mind, that references to cultural and other differences are stated here by 25 years old (in time of the trip) middle-european citizen (I'm from Prague, Czech Republic, EU).

All the text is based on my daily updated diary – so it's not a novel or narrative travel book of any kind, rather diary to remind me how did I see all of that overwhelming different world back then. This I'm offering to those who are interested. Text goes with a lot of photographs with notes, so even those who are not interested in my chit-chat can still find a lot interesting things to see.

For navigation on this webpage please use links on bottom of every page or use web-map with notes (link is present on top of each page).

Part of webpage is also a simple guestbook, which you are welcome to use for feedback. I'll also try to answer any relevant questions :)